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Sponsored Symposia

Wednesday 28th of September 2016

13:00 Wednesday 28th

Forum Sponsored Lunch Symposium 13:00 → 14:30
Women’s health – Sponsored by Pfizer

Chairperson/s: Nilson De Melo (BR)

  • Sharon Parish (US) Recent clinical data and guidelines on hormone therapy risks and benefits – harmonizing physician and patient
  • Sheryl Kingsberg (US) Overcoming barriers and applying patient-centered interview techniques to arrive at shared decision-making
  • Rossella Nappi (IT) putting theory into practice – A case example

14:45 Wednesday 28th

North Hall Sponsored Symposium 14:45 → 16:15
Women 40-55 year old: clinical considerations and quality of life (sponsored by Pierre Fabre)

Chairperson/s: Margaret Rees (GB), johannes bitzer (CH)

  • Johannes Bitzer (CH) 40-55: a period of women’s life to be monitored
  • Wolf Kirschner (DE) Iron deficiency anemia in women aged 40-55: which level of risk?
  • Anne Firquet (BE) Iron deficiency in women aged 40-55: role of oral and iron supplementation

Thursday 29th of September 2016

11:00 Thursday 29th

North Hall Sponsored Symposium 11:00 → 12:30
Underreported, underdiagnosed, undertreated: from stepchild to new treatment paradigm. (sponsored by Shionogi)

Chairperson/s: Andrea Genazzani (IT)

  • Rossella Nappi (IT) VVA: when love becomes pain
  • Sheryl Kingsberg (US) A global problem
  • Nick Panay (GB) Seeing is believing
  • Santiago Palacios (ES) And back to love without pain: Senshio®
  • Alessandra Graziottin (IT) In theory and in practice

12:45 Thursday 29th

Forum Sponsored Lunch Symposium 12:45 → 14:15
Vaginal atrophy: to treat or not to treat? (Novonordisk)

Chairperson/s: Mary Ann Lumsden (GB), Marla Shapiro (CA)

  • Marla Shapiro (CA) Welcome
  • Mary Ann Lumsden (GB) NICE perspectives: Treatment of midlife vaginal athropy
  • Nick Panay (GB) Self-medication with moisturizers/lubricants: merely a quick fix?
  • Marla Shapiro (CA) Local estrogen therapy: when moist is not enough
  • Mary Ann Lumsden (GB) panel discussion – hot topics

14:30 Thursday 29th

North Hall Sponsored Symposium 14:30 → 16:00
New physiological treatment of vulvovaginal atrophy of menopaus (Endoceutics)

Chairperson/s: David Archer (US), Rossella Nappi (IT)

  • Fernand Labrie (CA) Local formation of sex steroids following intravaginal DHEA: intracrinology at work
  • Rossella Nappi (IT) The clinical pictures of vulvovaginal athropy (VVA)
  • David Archer (US) Efficacy of intravaginal prasterone (DHEA) on the vulvovaginal athropy signs and symptoms

16:05 Thursday 29th

North Hall Sponsored Symposium 16:05 → 17:05
Phytopharmaceutical Treatment of Climateric Symtoms: An Update on the evidence gives answers to clinically relevant issues. (Sponsored by Schaper & Brümmer)

Chairperson/s: Marco Gambacciani (IT), Antonio Cano (ES)

  • Camil Castelo Branco (ES) Cimicifuga racemosa for non-hormonal treatment on climateric complaints – an overview
  • Mary Minkin (US) Treating menopausal symptomds with cimicifuga racemosa is safe for the breast Rachon
  • Dominik Rachon (PL) Safety of the isopropanolic cimicifuga racemosa extract (iCR) on the endomerium
  • Xiangyan Ruan (CN) Cimicifuga racemosa therapy in Asian patients: efficacy, safety and additional benefits

Friday 30th of September 2016

11:00 Friday 30th

North Hall Sponsored Symposium 11:00 → 12:30
Innovation in transdermal MHT – the newest results with the estradiol containing transdermal spray (Sponsored by Gedeon Richter)

Chairperson/s: Tomas Fait (CZ), Hadji Peyman (DE)

  • Ludwig Kiesel (DE) Transdermal hormon application in menopause: Pros and Cons
  • Ádám László (HU) Practical questions from a clinician: where and how to use transdermal HRT?
  • John Buster (US) Restoring sexual desire in elder women: how to give back what time has taken away?

12:45 Friday 30th

Forum Sponsored Lunch Symposium 12:45 → 14:15
Under-treatment of menopausal symptoms and novel treatment options (Sponsored by MSD)

Chairperson/s: Nick Panay (GB)

  • Nick Panay (GB) Welcome and opening
  • Florence Tremollieres (FR) The Unmet Need in Menopause
  • Joaquin Calaf Alsina (ES) Conjugated Estrogens/Bezadoxifene: A Clinical Overview
  • Rossella Nappi (IT) Therapeutic options in menopause and Patient Management

14:30 Friday 30th

Panorama Sponsored Symposium 14:30 → 16:00
Empowering women to live a better life: Managing Urogenital Atrophy in menopause (Sponsored by Aspen)

Chairperson/s: Tobias De Villiers (ZA)

  • Stephen Jeffery (ZA) Efficacy of vaginal estriol
  • Tina Peers (GB) In practice: counselling women and making a real difference
  • David Sturdee (GB) Urogenital atrophy diagnosis and HRT options

16:05 Friday 30th

North Hall Sponsored Symposium 16:05 → 17:05
MHT – does the choice of progestogen matter? (Sponsored by Mylan)

Chairperson/s: Anne Gompel (FR)

  • Ludwig Kiesel (DE) Debater
  • Christian Egarter (AT) Debater

Club E Sponsored Symposium 16:05 → 17:05
Estrogens and breast cancer; blaming the wrong suspect (Sponsored by Pantarhei Oncology)

Chairperson/s: Svetlana Vujovic (RS), Jean Michel Foidart (BE)

  • J Michel Foidart (BE) Effects of the fetal SERM estetrol in a multiple-rising-dose study in postmenopausal women
  • Herjan Coelingh Bennink (NL) Treatment of breast cancer with estrogens
  • Carole Verhoeven (NL) Estetrol and breast cancer

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